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Letter from the Inventor

"The standard rail bolt is as much of a pain to use now as it was in the beginning.

Please take the short time to become familiar with the Spring-Bolt System. You'll be amazed with the time it will save, and the many new doors it can open for you and your business.

Thank you,

Roger Rock
Stair Builder of 25 Years
and Inventor, Spring-Bolt System
Pat. Pending


How to Videos by Spring-BoltSpring-Bolt™ Installation Videos

We believe "Seeing is believing!" Knowing it's hard to believe everything you read about an innovative new product, we've provided a few short videos to show how Spring-Bolt fits with your most common rail system applications.

We hope you'll take a few moments to see with your own eyes the value Spring-Bolt can provide on your next project.

VIDEO - Rail to Rail Installation: English | Espanol

VIDEO - Rail to Post Installation: English | Espanol

VIDEO - Rail to Post End Installation: English | Espanol

VIDEO - Post to Floor / Deck Installation: English | Espanol


Incredible Strength
Spring-Bolt System Supports 500 Pounds with Ease

This ad, recently published in Professional Deck Builder Magazine, features the Spring-Bolt System supporting a 500 Pound Load!

Spring-Bolt System Provides Incredible Strength!

Spring-Bolt supporting a 500 Pound Load: Load test with SPRING-BOLT System "Post to Deck H.L. Kit" and "Rail to End Post Kit".



Spring-Bolt System - Simple Installation of Handrails, Balusters, and Newel Posts
Rock Lock Fastening Systems, Inc.

Proudly Introduces

The “Spring-Bolt System”

The Spring-Bolt System is a revolutionary means of attachment in the stair and railing industry. It is fully concealed, and takes far less time to install compared to all existing hardware. These facts mean a substantial savings to your company.

The fact is that the user does not have to be an accomplished journeyman to achieve a clean looking result. Spring-Bolt System saves the amount of time you would need help to little or none, therefore, saving on your labor cost.

There are no unsightly wood plugs to explain away to your customers. There is no time involved to try to match a plug for grains and colors, or any glue from the plug to clean.  Make the wood plugs part of your past.

The Spring-Bolt System has been designed to enable the user to adjust and align the pieces being joined as the glue begins to set up. Butt joints and miters need little to zero time spent on the blending of profiles.

Spring-Bolt System - Simple Installation of Handrails, Balusters, and Newel PostsAs the Spring-Bolt System is twisted together the joint is placed in a constant clamping pressure action while the glue sets and cures. If the joint has been interrupted while the glue is setting the joint will clamp itself back together. In this event with other bolts, you would have to remove and destroy the wood plug, tighten the nut, install and blend a new plug.

Once the springs have been screwed in place the joint can be twisted together without glue, to check the angle cuts of the joint and blending of profiles, if needed. To change the angle of the cut, unscrew the joint, remove one spring, re-cut the joint, screw the Spring-Bolt System back into the hole and twist the joint back together. This takes less than 30 seconds. Once you approve of the joint fitting, pieces can be pencil marked, unscrewed, and sent to the field for installation.

The tools needed to install the Spring-Bolt System are: a wood paddle bit, a screw driver and a drill.

Spring Bolt allows a newel post to be installed in less than 5 minutes.  It is not required to have supports to hold your post in place while the epoxy sets.

Spring-Bolt System - Simple Installation of Handrails, Balusters, and Newel PostsThis attachment is COMPLETELY CONCEALED.

Dry fitting in the shop instead of in the field reduces the level of skill required to install.  This may increase the number of people available to get the job completed.  Reduce field punch out time, by dry fitting at shop, is a MONEY SAVER ON WORKERS’ COMPENSATION COST.   Completely dry assemble in shop, mark, disassemble and ship will save in travel time and cost of fuel.

No putty is needed and there is no additional clamping needed at joints.

To summarize, the Spring-Bolt System is a tremendous time saver over all.

The Spring-Bolt System provides and maintains a joint integrity and requires a moderate level of skill.

It has passed residential and commercial load testing.

The Spring-Bolt System is the answer to a number of age old attachment problems.


Spring-Bolt System - Simple Installation of Handrails, Balusters, and Newel Posts











New Users Speak Out!

Hi Deana,

"...faster and more accurate..."

Used the Spring-Bolt on a handrail return. The Spring-Bolt was faster and, more importantly, more accurate than my usual method. Good product.

Thanks for the tip,


I did pick up some of your Spring Bolts locally. They exceeded my expectations. It cut a lot of time off of the handrail install at no extra cost in materials.

"...wonderful product! I tossed my stock of rail bolts."

A wonderful product! I tossed my stock of rail bolts. Went back to my lumber company and bought 20 sets of yours just to stock on the truck. Dropping a visual sample at my hardwood supplier.


Carpenters love the SpringBolt.

A recent response from a first-time user:


Thank you again for all of your assistance and support; the customer service I received was outstanding. This was the first railing I did in about 15 years and it turned out beautifully; better than most professional jobs I have seen recently.

"...it will soon be the future of railings."

I must say that I was a bit hesitant at first because most of the time the "As seen on TV" and home show demos of new product do not live up to their expectations once you get them home. However that was not the case with the Spring Bolt, in fact it exceeded all of my expectations. It was extremely easy to use and much more forgiving then a rail bolt. I was able to line up the profiles exactly. One practice run on a piece of scrap and I was confident to start my railing using the Spring Bolt.

This is an amazing product and I think it will soon be the future of railings.

Mike C. (New Jersey)

This is a common response by first-time users!
Carpenters and other new users love the SpringBolt.

Another first-time user:


I am a typical older home owner who can do most home improvement projects. Recently I started a renovation project that would include new stair handrails. After many hours searching the internet, I came across rockwoodworks.com web site. I contacted Roger Rock and set up an appointment to meet with him and discuss my project.

"If you are handy and can drill holes in wood, you too can install stairrails and handrails yourself."

After meeting and reviewing with him, I asked him when he would have time to install it, Roger stated that they were very busy, but that I would be able to do the project. I informed Roger that I have very simple tools and was not a master carpenter. That's when Roger introduced me to his new patented Spring-Bolt Fastener for joining the many pieces required to assemble a stair case rail.

You simply drill a 9/16" hole in the two adjoining pieces, screw in the spring bolts, twist the two parts together, add glue, done. I was astounded by how simple this device was and how well it worked. Thanks to Roger's Spring Bolt Fastener I was able to install the stair handrail and save several hundreds of dollars and time by not having to hire a master carpenter. If you are handy and can drill holes in wood, you too can install stairrails and handrails yourself.

Thanks Roger,
Earl & Janet Coombs (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida)

Homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers love the SpringBolt.

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These demo videos show how simple Spring-Bolt is!

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